Camarillo, CA

RF & Microwave Amplifiers 30 KHz to 65 GHz:

GaAs FET & Sub-Assemblies, Radial Combiners/Dividers, Space Qualified Components

Chandler, AZ

Merrimac Ind West Cadwell NJ

Avon, MA

Gaithersburg, MD

Hudson, New Hampshire

RF & Microwave Precision Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial Cable Connectors and adapters


Franklin, Indiana

Microwave Solutions:

Multi-Mix Multilayer Integrated Circuit Technology, Power Dividers, Directional Couplers, Hybrids, Mixer products, Phase Shifters, Custom Beamformer networks

Microwave Solutions:

Frequency Converters, Switch Matrices, Modullators, Complex Oscillator Assy's, DTO's, PLO's Isolators, Circulators, Detectors, Limiters, Comb Generators, Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVA's)

T&E Repco is an established and recognized Radio Frequency and Microwave Manufacturers Representative dedicated to customer service & support. T&E Repco represents high qualily products with the core values and synergistic atmosphere, in order to meet the full market potential.


New product introduction, Design for Manufacturability, Prototyping, Engineering Services, CAD Services, Quick turn Manufacturing, Consignment builds, Inventory management

Coaxial Cable Assemblies:

Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnessess, RF Cables, Ribbon Cables, Military Grade Garnesses, Potted Assembies, Box Builds, DIN Rail Assembies, System Integrations


Custom Power Supplies:

High Reliability SATCOM, TELCOM, Military and Industrial markets

Jupiter, FL

RF and Microwave Filters:

Discrete, Cavity Ceramic, Tubular, Waveguide Switch Filter Banks, Bandpass, Wireless, LC Filters, Wireless Products, Flat Pack Filters

Microwave Materials, Anechoic Chambers:

RF/Microwave Absorbers, Pyramidal/Anechoic Absorbers, Syntactic Foams, Dielectric Materials, Advanced Formulations, High Frequency & EMC Shielded Test Facilities, Turn Key engineered through Construction, Project Management, Manufacturing Equipment Supplier, Custom Made to your specifications